About us

Great things in business are never done by one person They’re done by a team of people.

Who We Are

Koncept is a Leading Digital Integrated Advertising, Marketing & PR/Communications Agency Headquartered in Dar es salaam, Tanzania that specializes in devising creative and innovative communication marketing strategies for corporate clients, institutions, individuals and the like. Our core competence is in providing integrated marketing approach to promote our clients’ products and services.

Who We Are

We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better. Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients


Delivering results-oriented brand marketing programs and public relations campaigns that enhance our clients’ awareness, improve their sales and foster their growth.


To Help Clients Achieve Their Most Ambitious Marketing Goals and Strategic Communications Objectives.

● To Deliver The Highest Levels Of Professionalism And Experience.

● To Provide Strategic Counsel, Creative Solutions And Timely, Responsive Services.

The Koncept Way

The Koncept Way

The Koncept Way


We will go where others can’t or won’t go to find out the truth about the people who matter to you. We don’t just rely only on data, we speak to the people you want to reach, go where they go and immerse ourselves in their world. We will give you an insight true and relevant enough to support successful, long running campaigns.


We won’t waste your time and money by trying to reach everyone. We will find, talk to and influence the voices important to your business. We will do this by discovering who your audience listens to and respects and whose words have the biggest impact


We differ from our competitors in that we measure not just the obvious outcomes such as press clips, page views or event attendees, but also the intangibles such as how our work has directly helped change hearts and minds and most importantly the behavior of those audiences that matter to you. We will demonstrate we have changed sentiment and behavior towards your organization, product or service in ways that meet your business objectives.

Whether you want to build MEDIA AWARENESS, establish REPUTATION among peers or provide image through sponsorships, our PR offers a package that works from concept to coverage. As a full service PR agency, we have an integrated approach, which means that we provide the complete marketing mix with Public Relations. Whether you require a product launch campaign or a profile-raising event, online PR, Crisis PR, Sponsorship or CSR, we can set up teams to handle all of them. Having a COHESIVE PLAN is core to the success of a PR campaign. Even the most seemingly spontaneous tactics form part of our strategy.

BRAND IMAGE is only partly created by what you say – more importantly, it is created by what customers actually experience. The digital and social media is having a fundamental impact on the nature of the modern PR and it is key to steering the wheel towards the multichannel PR rather than looking at only its traditional PR channels such as press releases and articles.

The Koncept Way

Our Capabilities

The Koncept Way

KONCEPT assembles a dedicated team of the best people for the business. While the resources of our entire agency are available to you, we believe it is important to have a dedicated core team working on your business each day that knows your organization, your industry and your personal style.

As part of our “hands on” approach to public relations, our senior management is truly involved in the strategic development and tactical execution – of the work we do.

KONCEPT has a strong and wide media connections with all media houses that are Dar es Salaam-based and regionally-based. We boast of our wealthy professional and social relationship with media houses owners, top management, editors and journalists. We have a database of all these medias that can be activated in seconds when need be during crisis situations.

KONCEPT has a relationship with African Press Organization (APO): APO is the leading press release wire in Africa with a media database of over 50,000 media contacts,

bloggers and social networks and the main African related news online community. APO has a strategic partnership with PR Newswire the leading press release distributor in the world that Koncept can tap into to suit our client’s needs.

KONCEPT team is filled with highly motivated, well-educated vibrant individuals who are entrepreneurial in spirit therefore strive to deliver results that are in line with the client’s overall strategic objective.