KONCEPT is a Product Branding Game Changer in Africa

Krantz Mwantepele (President & Group CEO at KONCEPT )


KONCEPT is a leading and 5-star public relations and marketing agency based in Dar es Salam, Tanzania. We are an award-winning and leading integrated advertising, digital, animations, marketing, and PR/communications agency specializing in devising creative and innovative communication marketing strategies for corporate clients, institutions, individuals, and the like.

Our mission is to help media houses, content creators, and producers in Africa to earn more money through our Monetization system. KONCEPT NEWS makes suggestions based on the stuff you’ve saved, assisting you in finding additional information that matches your preferences.

Also, we would like to introduce UBAONI AD as the Premium product of KONCEPT. Ubaoni Ad is a Tanzanian leading Digital Advertising Network that caters to both publishers and advertisers. We also offer display, mobile, video, and high-impact ad units. We have 35 top local websites and blogs in Tanzania which over 10m impressions per day.

On another side of the coin, Koncept leverages exclusive networks with all newspaper publishers in Tanzania, media houses, a government website, Job sites, and Top local websites/Blogs to deliver value to advertisers according to their target customers in real-time. kindly check our website www.ubaoni.net

On third-party partners for monitoring impressions and clicks we have onboarded KONCEPT METRICS to monitor and report our performance of the network and through their platform also they can do the following. We also have the ability to watch for an unlimited number of keywords (i.e. clients, competitors, projects/campaigns/events/products, industry & research news, etc.) in 50000+ online editorial & 25 million+ social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Etc.

We are getting daily and/or real-time media alerts via email and mobile apps. Our company has the ability to do a 12-month online retrospective monitoring as well as make a dashboard reporting whereby we can have the ability to generate media reports on an ad-hoc basis from the online KONCEPT interface – all customizable and shareable.

As we specialize in advertising, marketing, PR, and communications, Koncept has the ability to devise, execute, and analyze the success of innovative marketing strategies for clients of all shapes and sizes.



With that in mind, we are proud to be highlighted as a branding game-changer on Clutch. For context, Clutch is a rating service platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews.

As of writing, our team has earned three reviews highlighting our expertise and ability to deliver. Take a look at what they have to say about working with us.

“They are very professional, and understanding. Pay attention to all the details that I needed.” – Marketing Executive, Job Board


“KONCEPT demonstrated high competence in providing integrated marketing approach to promote our financial services They deliver result-oriented brand marketing programs and public relations campaigns that enhance awareness, improved our sales, and fostered our growth as a company.” – Personal Assistant, Private Bank


“It was remarkable! Working together from the scratch was the secret behind our achievement.” – Communications Advisor, Nonprofit


We are more than honored to be our clients’ trusted partners. If you are interested in reading up on the whole testimonial and what our other clients have to say, please feel free to visit our profile on Clutch.


Entering a new market is a highly delicate process. Let’s work together! By being partners with the best marketing agencies everywhere, we can remove the frustration of your global expansion.


Media Contact: Krantz Mwantepele

KONCEPT Group Founder & CEO

Email: krantz.charles@koncept.co.tz

Phone: +255658123310

Website: www.Koncept.co.tz

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