Here at Koncept, we know it can be next to impossible to ensure your business is achieving financial growth, stability, and overall success while managing highly effective marketing campaigns. Sometimes it might seem like there’s aren’t even enough hours in the day! That’s why Koncept has been specializing in digital integrated advertising, so you can focus on your growth and other crucial processes.

We specialize in advertising, marketing, PR, and communications. We
devise, execute, and analyze the success of innovative marketing strategies for
clients of all shapes and sizes. Our revolutionary approach will keep your new
business pipeline filled to the brim. We never back down from a challenge and
are always looking for new ways to improve and refine our services.

In recognition of our contributions and success in the marketing and advertising space, we’ve been named a top B2B service provider by Clutch, a market research firm. They engage in ratings and reviews methodology that provides businesses with a unique insight into which vendors are leading in a given service sector.

We recently received a five-star review on our Clutch profile from one of our non-profit clients. They needed to leverage our unique public relations services to make sure their press conferences and media coverage were being scheduled within the proper timelines. They appreciated our hard work in spreading their message across the country and how we maintained an efficient workflow. They were especially impressed by our strong sense of teamwork.

Please take a look at their review below:


We truly appreciate any and all feedback from our clients. It helps us improve our services and make sure the experience is optimal end to end. That’s why we love receiving Clutch reviews. They allow our clients to gauge our impact along the lines of quality of service, attention to project timelines, as well as overall cost-effectiveness.


Aside from Clutch, we’ve also received acclaim from its two sisters’ sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest, business news, and how-to site list us as a top marketing experiential marketing agency. Visual Objects, a platform to connect with businesses through their portfolio items, names us a top ad agency on their directory of industry leaders as well.

Thank you once again to our clients for making this recognition

possible! Please drop us a line if you’d like to start a campaign with Koncept





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