PR and Media Management

Whether you want to build media awareness, establish reputation among peers or high provide image through sponsorships, our PR offers a package that works from concept to coverage. As a full service PR agency we have an integrated approach, which means that we provide the complete marketing mix with Public Relations. Whether you require a. product launch campaign or a profile- raising event, online PR, Crisis PR, Sponsorship or CSR we can set up teams or handle all.

Koncept supports clients to achieve success in all stages of their brands’ life cycle be it a personal brand or a corporate brand.

We offer;
● Brand positioning audit
● Development and execution of a trategic media plan
● Message development
● Key stakeholder engagement and forum conceptualization
● Tactical campaign management and execution
● Event/product launches

Media Management
KONCEPT has an excellent network of media partners in Tanzania. Our approach is to communicate to the client’s target audience through the media. This fundamental distinction, in our view, is the key to successful public relations.

We also have tapped into the potential presented by social media, blogs and online marketing tools.

Services under this include;
● Press conferencing (organizing and management)
● Editorial support(press kits, press releases, features, speeches)
● Media buying and placement
● Media monitoring and reporting
● Media surveys
● Media visits
● Press release distribution, transcription and translation across Africa
● Webcasts & podcast organization and support
● Reporting and archiving

Crisis & Reputation Management
KONCEPT supports all aspects of a dedicated crisis management element, working within national frameworks as well as throughout Africa and globally when called upon to do so.

We offer;
● Crisis communications processes and manual development
● Crisis training for management and spokespeople
● 24 hour press office support, with on-site presence as required
● Membership of crisis and issues management teams
● Monitoring, reporting and evaluation

Government Relations
KONCEPT has the capability to develop key insights into government policy and engage with the government in an effective and efficient manner with insightful information and strategic mapping.

We offer;
● Relationship building
● Appointment set up and follow up
● Lobbying at the district, regional/ provincial, national and at the East African Community
● Grassroots interventions
● Key industry engagement
● Negotiation and facilitation

CSR Programming
KONCEPT offers specialized advisory services to its clients to ensure their Corporate Social Responsibilities are met utilizing the resources available to the client. We identify campaigns that clients may contribute towards worthy causes to help raise the client’s social responsibility to the community. The sharing of our work experience with NGO’s and government provides our clients with the information about sustainable development programs they can participate in.

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