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Branding Identity June 3, 2020


Introducing the Exciting New Campaign: “Shinda Mechi Zako na NBC” by NBC



Koncept is thrilled to announce its recent partnership with NBC (National Bank of Commerce) for the launch of the highly anticipated campaign, “Shinda Mechi Zako na NBC.” This groundbreaking initiative aims to promote savings habits and foster financial growth among individuals and businesses across the country. As the media management and digital campaign partner, Koncept is proud to play a pivotal role in bringing this campaign to life.

The “Shinda Mechi Zako na NBC” campaign offers customers a host of enticing benefits designed to empower their financial journeys. Through the NBC Malengo account, customers can enjoy affordable transaction fees, access to personal and business loans, and even earn up to 7% interest on their savings. This comprehensive suite of offerings ensures that NBC is not just a bank but a trusted partner in helping customers achieve their financial goals.

Koncept, with its extensive experience and expertise in media management, has developed a strategic plan to maximize the reach and impact of the “Shinda Mechi Zako na NBC” campaign. Leveraging the power of digital platforms, Koncept will create a compelling and engaging online presence for NBC, capturing the attention of the target audience and driving them to take action.

Through creative content creation, social media campaigns, and strategic advertising placements, Koncept will ensure that the campaign message resonates with the intended audience. By employing the #KonceptWay, an approach that combines innovation, creativity, and data-driven insights, Koncept will deliver exceptional results for NBC, enhancing their brand visibility and influence in the market.

The partnership between NBC and Koncept is built on a shared commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the importance of financial empowerment. By joining forces, the two entities aim to inspire individuals and businesses to take charge of their financial futures and seize opportunities for growth.

“Shinda Mechi Zako na NBC” is not just a campaign; it is a call to action for individuals and businesses to step up their financial game. With NBC’s comprehensive range of products and Koncept’s expertise in media management, this campaign has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals and businesses.

As a company, Koncept takes pride in executing campaigns that drive tangible results and leave a lasting impression. By employing the #KonceptWay, Koncept ensures that every aspect of the campaign is meticulously planned and executed, resulting in a seamless and impactful experience for both NBC and its customers.

Join NBC and Koncept in this exciting journey towards financial success. Together, we can help you “Shinda Mechi Zako” (win your matches) and achieve your financial goals. Stay tuned for more updates and follow the campaign using the hashtag #ShindaMechiZakoNaNBC.

For further information and to learn more about the campaign, visit NBC’s official website or connect with us on social media. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock a world of financial opportunities with NBC and Koncept.




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