When the first computer was made that symbolized the beginning of something new in the technology world. After several years of computer generations and advancement of technology more and more digital equipment’s were developed including smart phones which currently play a big role in the digital world.

As the world is being kept much closer by digitization each day, social networks play a bigger role in this. People meet, talk, make friends, upload memories, run businesses and pass information through these platforms. As the usage of these platforms keep on growing fast Thread has emerged as one of the fastest growing social networks in the recent months.

Some might think the idea of this app was obtained from the famous connected tweets in twitter or some might even think its from a famous tool used to sew clothes “thread”, but the truth of it all is that we all need thread to connect. Here is where Koncept Agency makes in play, take a seat with a drink and hear this out.

Owned by Meta Platforms, Thread App enables users to post and share texts, images and videos as well as to interact with other user’s post through replies. It started operating on July and as upon current data it has over 117 million users across the worlds. Seeing this massive growth Koncept Agency sees a much bigger opportunity business owners can grow and reach bigger audience in this app.

The time is now to improve and grow your social media audience with this Koncept Agency product that enables your business to be much closer to the targeted audience and have direct positive effect to your business including a call to action, likes, comments and post sharing.

Introducing packages that will help you get up to 100k active users for affordable prices. Here is the packages breakdown, 1k followers for 20,000/= Tsh (10$), 5k followers for 100,000/= Tsh (45$), 10k followers for 200,000/= Tsh (82$) and the bigger package 100k followers for 2M (818$).

With is massive growth in the social media platform namely thread, a lot of jobs will be created and businesses with grow. Let’s looking to the future with positive attitudes.


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